So Ridley Scott has made some pretty cool sci-fi movies in the past. Forgive us for becoming rather excited at the trailer for Prometheus as a result.

We saw it Wednesday in 3D at the Landmark Harbor East. Take the old replicant architect from Blade Runner, and its mysterious possible replicant character theme, and the idea of a creator who destroys its creation or vice-versa. Take the robot/slash droid involved in a conspiracy with a private corporation from Alien. Get a bunch of H.R. Geiger molded plastic crap together. Mix that shit in a bag. Throw in some sexy gals and guys in tighty whities who sleep during space travel. Throw in some Graham Hancock ancient astronaut ideas. Stir, with a dose of high-fallutin’ CGI, and you get Prometheus, which heavily borrows from a film made by Brian DePalma with Gary Sinese and Tim Robbins from about ten years ago. I think Mission to Mars might be a better film.

But Prometheus looks good, and it has Stringer Bell as a starship captain. Cherlize Theron wears tight clothes. Despite its intellectual pretentions, it’s just a monster movie. Which is cool with me to a degree. I guess I liked it fine.

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