Day 4

Wandered around New Town today. Saw the Mucha Museum, which has a nice collection of his posters, drawings, and a few paintings. Ate a tasty and inexpensive Indian lunch at a joint called the Royal Bengal.

Went to Vysherad, which is a fortress complex on a hill next to our apartment. There’s a charming old Gothic church there, which was updated in the 19th century to include new neo-Gothic towers. The entire interior was covered in lovely and intricate Art Nouveau murals at this time. Outside this church is perhaps the most lovely cemetery I’ve seen anywhere–it’s much smaller than Pere Lachaise, but each grave has its own style, its own peculiarity, often including quirky or intriguing artwork. I highly recommend this dreamy spot for an afternoon stroll.

We ventured back into town again after a shower and nap and took pictures on and around the Charles Bridge during the golden hour. I could spend all day doing this. We unfortunately missed seeing live music last night because of a late dinner, and once again had to contend with the fact that the trams stop running way too early to our apartment. Fortunately we found an honest cabby.

Today we’re off to the Jewish Quarter, and perhaps we’ll get out to see the Slav Epic of Mucha, and maybe the Medieval Museum as well if our footsies hold up.

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