Perchance to Dream

Summer vacation is in full decline. In three weeks teachers report back, and even before the official return I’ll be at school several times for team planning meetings.  Today was the first day I felt able to sleep in. I woke at 7:00am, itself an achievement for someone who generally wakes up by 5:30 without an alarm. Then I rolled over and went to sleep again. Not bad for a tortured insomniac generally on bad terms with Mr. Sandman.

But this morning was glorious. I slept like a teenager on a Saturday. I woke up at 11:40 with no idea what time it was, and I was actually going to go back to sleep AGAIN until I remembered that there is street cleaning on my block Mondays between 10:00 and 2:00. I rushed downstairs, fumbled with the alarm and keys, ran out the door and saw the ticket fluttering on my car windshield. That’s when I figured out finally what time it was. Sleeping in cost me $53.

Baltimore needs the revenue, I suppose.

Even though the sleep felt great physically, I dreamt the entire time about work. I dreamt that my student data was lost or confused and disorganized. For some reason when we reported back to work all the teachers were living in tents or in RVs on a campground. Someone got into my stuff and stole the batteries out of my Kindle. They also moved my documents around and I couldn’t get my work done. Sleeping in can be paradoxically both relaxing and stressful.

25 years ago back-to-school dreams were all about forgetting locker combinations or not wearing pants to school. Now they’re about data and setting up the classroom. God. But I will take these minor annoyances because I get a glorious stretch of time to myself each summer.

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