Book #22

The Wool Omnibus is only the 22nd book I’ve read this year. I’d set a goal back in January to read 4 per month, but obviously I’m well off that pace. This summer has been particularly atrocious–am I the same guy who used to read 100 books per year? I wonder.

There are reasons for the decline, and primary among these are a huge increase in periodicals read. But I’ve frankly burned out a little bit on reading books. I kept up a torrid pace for over three decades. Maybe I just needed a breather?

As for the Wool books–I heard about them via Facebook buzz, and took a chance on a self-published sci-fi writer’s stuff just to check out something new. The series is well-plotted and interesting. There is a bit too much climbing up and down the stairs early on, and the author has a George R.R. Martin tendency to kill off characters as soon as one grows to like them, but as post-apocalyptic novels go I liked it as much as the Hunger Games. Like that series there are critiques of our current age built into the story of Wool, questions of freedom and authority and responsibility. There’s also a strong female lead character. I can think of a dozen 8th graders who would really dig this series.

And there’s apparently more to come…



One response to “Book #22

  1. That’s been my problem this year. Can’t get in the reading groove. Since last Thurs. I did read two and am halfway through my third but I’m way behind my regular 8 or so a month. I’ve never had so many “to be read” books before and there’s another bunch on order and in my Amazon cart. Geez!

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