Day #2

I thought for a moment there that I was building up some momentum and rejuvenating a blog which at one time had some moderate success at another location. And then I went back to work.

I was at school for twelve hours yesterday, and eleven today. Because of the stupid Grand Prix in Baltimore I spent 45 minutes driving 3 miles home tonight. All last week I was at work doing professional development and rushing around to set up my room. I have new duties which keep me extra busy.

So there’s been no time to blog of late. But I’m happy despite the workload. I am teaching two classes of 8th graders this year with whom I’ve had the opportunity to loop, and I cannot imagine a better group to follow from 6th grade up to the end of middle school. I adore these kids, warts and all. Some of the most problematic ones are my absolute favorites. I wish you could meet them. You’ll probably vote for them some day.

This is my 5th year as a public school teacher in Baltimore City (6th if you count my student teaching year). I’m so happy to be in a school where teaching, learning, and love happen regularly. I spent 3 years in the worst environments, and now I wish I could bring all my students from other schools to where I am. 8th graders from last year–kids who never really bought into our system because we inherited them from another school after an expansion to a different building–are coming back to visit us. They’ve started high school and now realize what they had in a building with adults they could trust.

So I’ll try to make more regular posts moving forward–there’s always a minute or two for blogging.

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