Day #7

It’s the 7th day of school and I find myself unable to write a lesson plan to save my life. I keep waking up at 4:00am and throwing some crap together but I’ve got nothing interesting or special or fun or creative going on. The kids who know me are kind of looking at me in class with cocked eyebrows. “Really?” they seem to think. “This is all you got?”

Usually this type of writer’s block fades, but I’ve been fighting this since last winter. Maybe it’s the subject matter–we’re doing a four-week mini-investigation of Maryland geography as a way to get the kids accustomed to classroom norms and processes and procedures. I’m not an expert in geography at all, and I’m simply cobbling together a bunch of garbage about the Piedmont Plateau, the Appalachians, the Atlantic Coastal Plain, and some demographic stuff in the hopes that something sticks. I’m thinking more about our big Expedition about voting and the evolution of voter’s rights and how organizations function, which is coming in a few weeks. I have ideas about that, which is a hopeful sign.

But I still have two weeks of geography to teach. I go live in a couple hours and I still have no lesson for today. Mental constipation is truly awful.




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