Revealing the African Presence in Renaissance Europe

Had the enormous pleasure of seeing this fine Durer at the Walters Art Museum this evening. As part of a teacher’s workshop we received a docent-led tour of their new exhibit, and a conservator also dropped by to give us an extra dose of the scholarship going on right now about these artworks. I really dug the tour, and frankly I was surprised at the quality of the show–Durer and Tintoretto? Truly fine Northern Renaissance and Italian paintings from the 15th and 16th centuries? You can’t go wrong.

I had to kneel for a while in front of the Durer. Who is she? Did she choose to sit for Durer or was she compelled? That expression, that longing downward stare, captured forever-it’s a miracle to see it in person on loan from the Uffizi.

Got to talk art and play pseudo-intellectual with like-minded others, and then we wrote slam poetry about the art under the tutelage of Gayle Danley. A most pleasant Wednesday evening! I wrote my draft poem about the following painting. I referenced The Tyranny of the Clock a bit because of the way she holds that timepiece, and its heaviness. The clock and the European conception of time!

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