Day 50-ish?

It’s that time of the school year when the days blur together into a single long smudge. Yesterday I thought it was Thursday for some reason, and today felt like a Monday. One of my students ran away from home and when I was asked if she was in class on the actual Monday I couldn’t remember at first and had to really think about it.

Piles of uncorrected work have accumulated everywhere, I move from class to committee meetings and IEP meetings in a kind of haze. I looked at my calendar yesterday and saw Thanksgiving was next week. I thought it was still October.

Took the 8th grade to Center Stage today for a matinee of their current Poe production. We studied Poe together two years ago and the kids still remember everything about him! My 8th graders dominated the discussion afterward–one asked of the younger and elder Poe actors: “I’m curious about the doppleganger effect–how did the two of you prepare?” The kids from Boys Latin turned and gawked at that one.

Speaking of Boys Latin–those kids in their blazers and ties and matching loafers and Kennedy haircuts were all over my girls. They were flirting hard in the hallways on the way out, and one of the boys dropped a piece of paper in front of us outside. The girls waited, nonchalant, until the boys walked off before shrieking and pouncing. It was, indeed a phone number.

“I got a phone number from a white boy!” the victor exclaimed.

“And he goes to a rich private school,” said another.

When these kids graduate from SBC and move on to high school I am going to be very sad. I’ve been teaching them since 6th grade–nearly a 4th of their lives!

Last period I was lying on the rug in my class room with an absurd tube-shaped purple pillow under me and Talahassia and Nahja on either side. They were doing group reading time and asked if I would read the chapter to them. As I read I thought that if my job only involved planning reading groups and intensive literature study classes for high-level kids I would be the happiest person on planet Earth. I was already pretty close, lying there on that absurd pillow with two kids enjoying the story and asking great questions.

Maybe I let grading pile up, maybe I get frustrated by the workload, and maybe I feel like my capabilities are not always up to my responsibilities–but moments like these make it all worthwhile.

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