Bmore Glitzy

Bmore Glitzy by Blog-Sothoth
Bmore Glitzy, a photo by Blog-Sothoth on Flickr.

The holiday break is half over and I finally get an afternoon and evening free of events or obligations of any kind. I’ve opened a reasonably tasty cabernet sauvignon and I’m taking a neglected stack of periodicals and books to bed where I will while away what remains of today. Always I’m cognizant of the fact that there are people who work extremely hard all year but who don’t get time off at the holidays or in the summer like I do–I did ten years in retail, so I feel your pain, and hope some day you have a strong collective bargaining unit which gets you much-needed time for rest and recuperation. Alas, the societal trend seems to be moving the other direction, away from people getting time off and toward more and more hours of labor for less and less pay. To the barricades! Sous les paves, etc…

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