Feeling Pinched

As often happens, I’m feeling the exquisite pinch of overwork right now, despite a short week last week for the MLK holiday and two days of staff meetings without kids. 

On the agenda:

  • Creating an Intensive course for readers two- or more years below grade level. 
  • Working with my homeroom kids to create a script, sets, puppets, props, and a shadow puppet show for big wigs to present on Feb. 27th.
  • Creating our current Humanities Expedition about Identity and wearing metaphorical Masks with a culminating product memoir.
  • What the hell to do for Celebration of the Arts?
  • Literacy Night with parents on Feb. 12th–What the hell to do for that?
  • The Expeditionary Learning National Conference visits our school on Feb. 27th. Not only is my Crew presenting a puppet show, but teachers and administrators from across the country will be in and out of my class all day, and I’ll have to serve on panel discussions.
  • I’m writing a grant for travel over the summer to see if we can get funded to tour spiritual sites in India as part of our world religion expedition next year. I have to create an expedition plan for that and complete the application process this week.
  • Implementing our new Habits of Scholarship, and doing differentiation, flexible groupings, accommodations, etc. Pre-assessments! Post-assessments! For and of learning!
  • Just the usual planning and grading.

Sometimes it just helps to make a list.

Oh, yeah–arts integration!?

Plus just the general feelings of failure and inadequacy.





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