NY Weekend

20140122-061413.jpg For her 42nd birthday my wife and I visited New York City. We ate a lot. We helped install a door decal at my brother-in-law’s new office. We took in an amusing and frenetic sketch comedy show.

And we saw Kinky Boots. It’s really a magnificent spectacle. Drag Queens dancing in six-inch heels? Toe-tapping numbers channeling varied styles of pop music (funk, disco, new wave, rock), an adorable cast, lavish sets and costumes, and an amazing lead? Yeah, that’s the Broadway standard, but this was really fun. I liked it better than The Lion King or Matilda…the only other live Broadway musicals I’ve seen. It’s an updated take on the old fable of the cobbler and his elves. But with trannies and cockney thugs and lots of sparkly material. My wife cried and laughed hysterically and proclaimed it the Best Birthday Gift Evah. I learned about acceptance and that my problems with my biological father are certainly not unique. Sike! I already knew those things but it was nice to make easy connections to the plot. We bought the soundtrack, and I’m pleased we saw most of the original cast live.

I’m a bit sad we didn’t get to a museum…no Met, no MOMA, no Morgan Library, no Guggenheim. But I’ve been to those several times. Excepting the Guggenheim, that is. I’ve walked past the Guggenheim several times. It’s always closed for something when I try to go. I think they hate me.

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