Oh, the drama!

20140124-064233.jpgThe Carrots have a new home. Their new Howard Street abode is a much more intimate and lovely repurposed space than the theater they were renting last season after being kicked out of the now shuttered and defunct fire-code violating Load of Fun. We saw the first show ever at the new stage!

I can recommend Flu Season. It’s about a play about a lady and man in a mental hospital. But the author is also involved in the show, and drops in from time to time, sometimes joyously, sometimes angrily, and often bewildered by the characters and events he’s unleashed on the world. His Superego also hangs around, telling him ‘I told you so’ and letting the audience know her contempt for the proceedings. Beneath the stage is the author’s ID, which he pulls from to get inspiration for his characters.

It’s stark, and modern, and feels like Ingmar Bergman sometimes, what with all the Bleak and the Dismay. And yet, I laughed a lot.

It’s strange that the Carrots have lost so many key members…Brandan, Nathan, Buck, Aldo…and yet they keep doing cool and challenging things. They have yet to reachieve the scintillating heat and consistent gorgeous quality of their work at the Load of Fun space, but they had a tough year with the eviction. And The Flu Season promises a return to form. Can’t wait to see what they come up with for the remainder of the season!

I also can’t wait for the new Woodberry Kitchen branch to open next door to the Carrots…and a Woodberry butcher shop.

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