Lucky Guy

I work with amazing people. I hang out with wonderful, smart, interesting, and funny people. I wish i could see all the amazing, wonderful people I know much more often. Can we just buy one big building together with a common area?

Perhaps we should just start our own business or non-profit? Or maybe we can take over Baltimore City government together. Somebody needs to take charge of this mess. We’re smart. We’re nice. We are compassionate. We are honest. Why not us?

Our City is hurting. There’s a lot of ugly shit bubbling up as people become more and more frustrated. After a half-decade of substantial improvements in homicide rates we are seeing these unfortunate numbers skyrocket again. I’ve been trying to help my students navigate Baltimore’s reputation and its causes. Suddenly there’s a bunch of cool stuff going viral round these parts. Obviously other people are thinking about it too. I shall share their musings with my 7th and 8th graders.

It’s a bleak picture with lots of divisive attitudes and racism and privilege and class and corruption and addiction all mixed up together.

But I love our City nonetheless, as does this dude.

Here I am with just a few of the people I’m lucky to know. This is OUR Baltimore. We need to make it manifest in as many ways as possible.

(Photo taken at Max’s on Broadway, perhaps the world’s best taphouse–another reason to love Bmore!)


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