I spent recent snow days uploading old CDs to the cloud. Suddenly my Recently Added playlist is full of gems like this one…stuff I hadn’t pulled out in a decade or more because I have so much music it’s hard to get to it all regularly. First world problem!

But man this record…wow! I love the soloing all around. Miles’ playing is less athletic than Coleman’s, less precise, but his phrasing is sick, and I could listen to it all day, that soulful sound, mournful and jaunty at once.

Ron Carter builds a brilliant scaffold for the etheric cathedral constructed by the horn players, ably assisted by Herbie Hancock on piano. Truly genius work.

I have heard people describe Tony Williams’ drumming as dull or repetitive. This dude transcribes the Akasic records via high-hat telegraph. His playing is insanely precise, crisp, and subtle. He knows how to complement the other players’ soloing and is so good at it it’s easy not to hear his genius work on the kit.

What a confident, delicious set…what a great document!

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