Preparing for Life Documentary

I don’t know a lot about Waldorf Education–this short and fluffy video, in fact, contains about as much information as I knew about it previously. But I know quite a bit about its founder, Rudolf Steiner. I’ve read a couple biographies, and some of his musings on Art, on Bees, and on Knowing Higher Worlds. I regard him as a similar soul to Carl Jung. Steiner shares that same combination of Mystic and Scientist, but whereas in Jung the Scientist was almost always somewhat paramount, for Steiner it was the opposite–at least once he was initiated into the Western Esoteric Tradition by a fellow train passenger who turned out to be a higher order being.

Steiner and Jung both valued the Imagination and Intellect in equal measure. Both had access to and facility with shamanic and academic modes of perception. Both had as a primary concern the state of the human Soul in an increasingly modern world, detached from nature, and manipulated to value the material over the spiritual. 

Someday I’d like to read Steiner’s book on Goethe’s color theory, but I need to stop reading books I barely comprehend.

What interested me most about this video is the overlap of Waldorf Education with Expeditionary Learning. There’s quite a lot of it. Kurt Hahn came to nearly identical conclusions about the role of education and the true nature of learning. The approaches have multiple links potentially worth exploring if I stay at this work long enough. 

But the time might come where I retreat finally to a monastic cell and read Steiner and Jung in absolute reflective silence.


1) What might I have accomplished given the chance to attend a Waldorf School?

2) What is the annual budget of the school in the video? How much is raised from private and corporate sources?

3) I’ve heard the Baltimore Waldorf School is shrinking away–is this accurate?

4) Is the Theosophical Society still open in mid-town?

5) Did Steiner and Hahn ever meet? Did either read or meet John Dewey?

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